How do we Take Fun Seriously?

I want to bounce back to the question Professor Parham asked, addressing how fun can be taken seriously (especially in video games). First, fun is taken very seriously by the producers of video games. They use the “idea of fun” to expand their market and ultimately, increase their profits. The gaming industry uses fun to create engaging entertainment that appeals to a large population. To expand their products, the producers will think of slightly new, yet engaging ways in attempt to attract a large audience. I use the word slightly new because “new” games (for the most part) are not extremely different from the game preceding it (ie. Call of Duty 6 vs. Call of Duty 7). Even today, the general objectives in the most recently released Call of Duty game have remained very similar to the first Call of Duty with multiplayer, Call of Duty 4, which was released in November of 2007. However, as technology progresses, producers will be able to create more realistic graphic designs than ever before, and this alone is likely to attract a broad audience and more players. Personally, I believe that they only change the game minimally so they can always have a few new ideas for the following game.

Another way that we take fun seriously is through tournaments and esports championships. Some video games offer a much more competitive side, like Overwatch, Call of Duty,  and League of Legends to name a few, and have tournaments with competing top players. While these players are having fun during play, it is taken very seriously, as cash prizes are usually given out to higher performers. The picture below is the crowd at the 2017 League of Legends World Championship Finals at the Staples Center in Los Angles. Read here to learn more about the tournaments statistics and online viewership, as it attracted over 43 million unique viewers.


To end, are there any other ways in which we take fun seriously in the gaming industry? Can this fun be taken too seriously, by either players of developers?

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