Edge of Tomorrow and Gaming

I really enjoyed watching the movie “Edge of Tomorrow” but was confused what this movie had to do with videogames. However, the more I thought about the movie, I came to think about how this movie mirrors us playing games. Major William Cage continues experiencing the same events over and over again after he dies, as he has infinite lives. He uses his knowledge from his previous experiences to advance further and further each time. He continues to try new things, and when they are successful, he gets to a new point in the plot. Cage keeps on building onto his actions each time he finds a successful way to advance. This occurs over and over again.

This idea is what happens when we play videogames. We try to reach the furthest point in the game as possible. Each time we play, we gather new information and use this information to get further the next time. We try new things and learn from our mistakes. We include our successes in our plan. However, we know that we will be able to continue playing the game until we are satisfied. We can take as many tries at the game as we desire. Cage is doing this but instead of a game, it is his reality.

One thought on “Edge of Tomorrow and Gaming

  1. I think it’s interesting that for Cage and the “Full Metal Bitch” (I forget her real name?) death is a tool they use in conjunction with memory to advance, but being injured and risking losing his special abilities is something they desperately try to avoid. Thus they end up willingly killing Cage a lot, which in most cases diverges from the way you would expect a game to be played–ie giving your best effort until you unwillingly fail, and then start playing again. The way they manipulate Cage’s lives makes death function as a kind of reset button.


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