Coding Devices in Games

I was reading an article about devices that let players put code into games in order to exploit and create bugs in the game. I never knew that it was possible to do things like this. The coding can help the player in the game by allowing them to skip levels, get better items in the game, or minimize damage. On the contrary, there are times when this can actually cause more damages. The codes can cause glitches and in turn give the player more dangers in the game. For example, in Super Mario, the player could be stuck in an endless loop in a level.

When thinking about these devices, I believe that they defeat the purpose of the game. The point of playing games is to struggle through them. The fun of the game is when you can finally get over the hard level or challenge that you have been struggling to accomplish. If the player cheats the level, then there is no fun left.

2 thoughts on “Coding Devices in Games

  1. I agree with you on the fact that “cheating” can ruin the purpose of the game. However, I personally think cheating is a part of the gameplay. As a result, you are creating a personalised game that keeps the general concept from the original game but adds/removes aspects not enjoyed by the player. Thus, the personalised one will only contain the fun aspects, possibly providing more fun although it might not contain the same meaning as the original game.


    • I agree with you! If the purpose of the game is to help the player have fun, and if “cheating” helps the player have more fun, “cheating” might actually fulfill the purpose of the game better than not cheating. The problem is that what’s “fun” for the developer might not be the most fun for any given player. This is, of course, assuming that the purpose of a game is to have fun.


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