The Progression of Video Games; Which are Better?

Over the course of this class, we have looked at many different types of video games and how they have progressed over time. We have moved from simple Atari games to Triple A games, and we have enjoyed playing most to all of these games. The question I want to ask is: which type of game is better (simple or complex)?

My belief is that neither type of game is better because – while these games may drastically differ in complexity and design, they can both offer the same sense of satisfaction and excitement during gameplay. Whether you are playing as the frog from Frogger, trying to stay afloat on the drifting logs, or Nuna adventuring with her Arctic fox, feelings of immersion are present in both. As older games cannot compete with the graphic design ability today, it is that more impressive that these games are still played. Some examples of older designed games in played today’s society are Pac-Man and Super Mario. Even though these games have been further developed, the overall gameplay has remained similar to when first designed. For these games, time has proven that they are truly special games because of their longevity, as many games struggle to sustain popularity. As for the newly designed games, these developers have much more to work with, and as a result, are making groundbreaking moves in the field. Visual graphics are becoming more realistic than ever, making some games mesmerizing just to watch. It is also important to note that the arrival of in 2011 drastically increased the amount of people playing video games, but especially, the amount watching them be played. Today, video games are commonly watched casually, as both tournaments and streamers are gaining popularity. Look at how much the popularity of Twitch has increased here.

All in all, older video games and newer video games both have different assets that make them each appealing. The simplicity in older video games has proven to appeal to a large population, as they have been around for more upwards of 40 years. Newer video games can offer a more cinematic approach to games, making them more immersive than ever. I argue that neither type of game is better, as they can both offer unique and engaging gameplay.

Old: Pacman (1980)                                                          New: Horizon Zero Dawn (2017)

pacman       horizon-zero-dawn1.jpg

One thought on “The Progression of Video Games; Which are Better?

  1. Personally, I love older and newer video games. I love graphics, but what is more important to me is the game play experience. I think one can get really immersed into a game with low quality graphics just as much as one with high quality graphics. I also could not argue that one is better than the other. Also, I think as graphics get better some game developers will turn to older graphics. I believe older graphics will be seen as being creative, a fresh breath of air, or something to this effect.


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