Changing the Experience of a Game

I really enjoyed the interface project and had a lot of fun playing the games. However, while walking around and trying out other people’s games, I realized how hard some of the games were. The games itself, while using the controls on the computer, would have been relatively easy and in many cases beatable. But, when you add the different interfaces, the game is made much harder.

For example, in my group, the game would have been very simple on a computer and definitely able to beat, maybe not on the first try but at some point. But, when the interface was added, I had a lot of trouble with the game. It was difficult coordinating the jump and the sideways movement buttons at the same time to make the character jump while moving to the right. I could barely make it over the first jump on many of my tries, and if I did, I often died shortly after. I did not realize, until this experience, how much the interface would change the game. It turned the game essentially into a whole new game and a completely different experience.

One thought on “Changing the Experience of a Game

  1. I had a similar experience with the games we played in class, including my own group’s game. The unfamiliar controls made the interface have a greater presence in the game, because it required more thought than a simple keyboard would to operate. In a way the games (at least in my opinion) became more focused on learning how the mechanics on screen could be controlled by the Makey Makey controller than on the storyline or goals of the game. This was a different approach to gaming than I am used to, and it made me consider what role a controller plays in shaping my perception of a game.


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