You Have to Be There

I thought that the Alexis C. Madrical article “You Had to Be There” was very interesting. She writes that there are experiences people have that younger people would not understand because they never experienced it. These experiences people have are powerful because you are able to see how that experience changes over time due to the changing technology. It is interesting how this article relates to games and interfaces that we have covered in class. For example, I had never seen an Atari before coming to class. However, my mom had told me that in her childhood she would often sit in front of the TV playing the Atari, and this was her first video gaming experience. This was an experience that will always be memorable to her, but one that I will never understand. My first video gaming experience was on a Nintendo Gameboy, and something I always will remember as I played on it every night when I was younger. But, this is something my younger brother will never understand as he starting playing video games on a Wii. It is cool to see how games I played on the Gameboy have evolved and have become more improved. I played Super Mario on my Gameboy, but now there is a new version of the game made for new devices that is slightly different but the same idea. The people starting out their gaming experience by playing this game will have a completely different experience than I did on my Gameboy.

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